Workrooms Journal

An electronic journal in Open Access format that covers topics in the fields of Power Electronics, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency published by ce3i2 group (link).

Workroom Journal

CE3I2 Staff


  • Dr Eng José Marcos Alonso Álvarez (link)
  • Dr Eng Manuel Rico-Secades (link)
  • Dr Eng Emilio López Corominas (link)
  • Dr Eng Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez (link)
  • Dr Eng Javier Ribas Bueno (link)
  • Dr Eng Jesús Cardesín Miranda (link)
  • Dr Eng Pablo Quintana Barcia

Research assistant:

  • Eng Nelo Huerta Media

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ce3i2 R&D Group (2017)
ce3i2 R&D group (July 2017)

ce3i2 R&D Group (2012)
Grupo CE3I2

ce3i2 R&D Group (2010)
UNIOVI-GEI Group (2001)
Industrial Electronics Group
Grupo de Electrónica Industrial