Group activity since 1986. The ce3i2 R&D group was integrated in the "UNIOVI-GEI: Grupo de Electrónica Industrial", evaluated in 2001 as "Grupo de Excelencia del Principado de Asturias" (BOPA 24-VIII-2001 pp. 11159-11160).

In 2010 was evaluated for the Spanish "Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación" and recognized as consolidated group (Reference: UO2010-003).

Commercial Partners

  • PCE Ibérica S.L. (link)
    • The company PCE Ibérica S.L. supports our R&D group facilitating the acquisition of research equipment and provide technical advice.

Research projects

  • European Funding
    • UPLIGHT project (2003-2006) (link)
    • COST 529 action (2001-2006)  (link)
    • ISCELIS project (1994-1997)  (link)
  • National Funding
    • LITCITY project (2014-2017)  (link)
    • ENERLIGHT project (2011-2013)  (link)
    • DALED project (2006-2010) (link)
    • BENAPI project (2006-2007) (link)
    • PIEZOLUX project (2003-2005) (link)
    • CIELED project (2003-2005)  (link)
    • DEMODELA project (2001-2002)  (link)
    • SEGO project (2001-2002)  (link)
    • RELAID project (1999-2001)  (link)
  • Regional Funding
    • DCLIT  project (2013-2015) (link)
    • SICEL project (2010-2012) (link)
    • DECENLED project (2010-2011)(link)
    • SICEBA project (2009) (link)
    • ANDEN project (2002-2005)  (link)
    • NORMALED project (2002-2003)  (link)
    • GEI Excellence Group (2001-2005) (link)
    • DEGATI project (2000-2001)  (link)
    • GEO project (1999-2000) (link)
    • EXTRAPLANO project (1999-2000)  (link)

Technology transfer contracts

    • ILUMINA-OVIEDO (2014) (link)
    • NORMAGRID (2014-2015) (link) 
    • ALIMERKA 3.0 (2011-2012) (link)
    • ELF (2013-2015)(link)
    • IAA (2008) (link)
    • MERO (2011) (link)
    • SEGEI (2007-2010)  (link)
    • BALCON (2000-2005)  (link)
    • SAFFRON (2000-2001)  (link)
    • AZAFRAN (1998-2000)  (link)
    • SDE (1998)  (link)
    • BALASTO (1998) (link)

ce3i2 R&D group (July 2017)

ce3i2 R&D group - July 2017

The Efficient Energy Conversion, Industrial Electronics and Lighting Engineering group (ce3i2 R&D group) is a research team consisting of teachers, students and working staff of the Gijón Polytechnic Campus of Engineering, EPI Gijon (link).

A brief summary of the group can be found in this document (link) and a brochure of group activities in this presentation (link).
CE3I2 group
Among the group's activities included the implementation of various research projects with public funding (regional, national and european level), numerous contracts with companies related to the research group's lines, a large number of publications in international journal (JCR) and presentations at national and international conferences in recent years.
The R&D lines  in which group members have extensive experience arising from the field of Industrial Electronics, such as Power Electronics, Energy ConversionLighting Engineering, Control of Industrial Electronic Systems, Electronic Instrumentation and Sensors and Renewable Energy.
Among our technology partners include companies, government agencies and research centers and universities of recognized international prestige.


Workrooms Journal

An electronic journal in Open Access format that covers topics in the fields of Power Electronics, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency published by ce3i2 R&D group (link).

Workrooms Journal

Location of group facilities (Google Maps)

Group CE3I2 facilities

Views of the Campus of Viesques (Asturias - Spain)

Campus of Gijón
EPI Gijon - Campus of Engineering
EPI Gijón
ce3i2 group headquarter
CE3I2 group
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18 jun 2014, 2:06
Manuel Rico Secades,
17 jun 2014, 8:20